November 20, 2018

Wise man once said “You never really know a woman until you’ve seen her jewelry”. Jewelry is not just an accessory in addition to your outfit. It is much more than that.

Some wear jewelry as a mean of self-expression

In a time where we - female - earn more and more powers, rights, we are starting to gain back our important status in this world. We learn hard, work hard, earn hard and party hard. We need a strong and yet, dedicate self statement to the world - our jewelry.

Jewelry is a personal thing. It is a story about the person wearing it. Have you ever bought a love bird necklace with the hope to have a long lasting love? Have you ever seen a street artist wearing a bell anklet when she is dancing her signature dance? Or a traveler whose eyes sparkle with adventures like the way her arrow jewelry does?

Lovebirds necklace: a symbol of pure love

Red rope anklet: a myterious touch to your style

An explorer's mind set of bracelets

Jewelry is a way for us to express ourselves to the world. Each piece holds a unique message from you to others. You may find a sophisticated silver necklace best fits to your soul. But other may think what suit them best is a boho leather bracelet. Either way, our jewelry introduces us to others even before we start speaking with them.

Others wear jewelry as a way to comfort themselves

Even though jewelry can be wear as a personality expression, it can also be a natural therapy to cast away negative energies.

You don’t need science to prove that wearing a finely crafted jewelry can boost your self-esteem. Or keeping a green clover around your wrist can put you at ease and soothing your mood. You are feeling it yourself!

Feeling close to nature more than ever with this clover leaf bracelet

More and more people is wearing jewelry as an emotional support. Some people believe when they wear a special gemstone bracelet, it can bring them fortune and new opportunities. Like Lava Stone can dissipating anger while Tiger’s Eye Stone leads you to right directions. True or not, there is no harm in finding a little spiritual support, isn’t it?

Jewelry has a big impact on our lives. It helps us telling a story without a single word. It bring us the confident armor we need to battle in life. It enhances us with positiveness and soothing energy. Next time you choose a new jewelry, pick something screams your name. The piece you choose now has a unique power and story, the ability to bring you confident that nothing else could do.

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