December 03, 2018

It’s all cold down along the streets...

Wind is whipping down the boardwalks…

It’s Christmas! It’s time to hang some festive lights, build your signature Christmas tree and pick the perfect presents for loved ones. Everyone knows when this season comes, there are countless things to do. How should we decorate our houses? Which cookie flavor is trendy this year? And most importantly, what presents should we get for our loves?

Rest assured! We got you covered. Keep on reading to have some gift ideas for a perfect festive season.

Let’s give your significant other a Christmas to remember

People are trying to do extraordinary for their loves. But they forget one thing: little things are what matters. Therefore, stay classic and tell them you love them in the simplest ways.

1. A handmade hat/scarf

Keeping thing old-schooled can make you stand out between all the presents your love receives this Christmas. Who else is willing to spend time and love to make him/her a beanie hat (or scarf)? It’s you! And that’s what makes you special.

Nothing can hold much love and care like a handmade hat/scarf

2. Couple items

Celebrate your love and freshen it by buying gifts such as couple sweater, couple bracelet, couple hat. There is more than what we just listed, find your own perfect couple items.

Couple bracelet is a dedicated way to express your love

3. A getaway holiday

Surprise him/her with airplane tickets to your dream destinations. Try to remember that beach you two always want to go but never have the time to. Or that mountain you want to challenge yourself? Just leave it all behind and have an awesome getaway together.

Go out there and experience it yourself

What about your wanderlust friends?

Admit it! We all have at least 1 wanderlust friend who is traveling for life. Presents for these friends can be quite tricky. They need something portable (because they are always on the go) and unique. Here are some suggestions:

1. Portable scratch maps

This new edition of scratch maps will make your wanderlust friends go crazy. The old version is a bit bulky, and can only be hung on the wall which is useless to your traveler friend. Now it comes with 5 continents maps which are stored in an envelope.

These scratch maps are easy to travel with

2. Personalized passport holder

In case you haven’t known it yet: a wanderlust’s dream is to run out of pages in their passports. To them, the passport is a precious thing. Consider giving them a passport holder with their names on it, along with some plane, globe badges.

What can a traveler ask more than a passport with their name on it?

3. Jewelry and small mementos

Who says travelers don’t wear jewelry? Buy your friend an antique compass if he/she is an old-fashioned person. And to the modern ones, some pieces featuring airplane, arrow charms are the best presents you can give them.

Pick a unique but simple bracelet for your wanderlust friends

This is for all of your friends who always go wild for pets

Whatever pets your friends are having, there is one which can satisfy them all.

1. Buy a pet

To animals lovers, the more pets they own, the merrier they are. Whether your friends own a pet or not, it is always an excellent idea to buy them a new one. Spend some good hours to think about which animals and breeds you should give them. Seriously, what can be sweeter than a puppy lying inside a basket?

Adopted a puppy or kitten and give it a home this Christmas

2. Matching pajamas

Wearing the same pajamas as your pet, why not? These Pajamas come in all size for your dogs and cats, as well as that of men/women. Imagine what it will be like in your friend’s Christmas photo card if you give this present to them.

Look how cute they (and probably you) in these pajamas

A no-miss pendant for cat lovers

Christmas is coming home

Family is not an important thing. It is everything. Let’s express your love to your family members.

1. Personalized family hobby art

Family photos can never be outdated. Add a modern twist to this photo by customizing the characteristics and appearances of your family members.

This family photo can add a modern touch to your house

2. Homemade Christmas cookies

Who doesn’t love Christmas cookies? Whether you are coming home or waiting for others to come home, bake some nice and crunchy cookies.

Gingerbread, chocolate biscuits, butter toast,... They can never go wrong in Christmas

3. Board games

Put aside phones and tablets, let’s bring anyone together by board games. This can be the perfect gift for kids or your cousins.

Board games can enhance the holiday spirit in a way you may never expect 

Self-love is NOT selfish

And don’t forget the most important person: YOU. There is nothing wrong with buying yourself some gifts at this time. You have been trying hard this year, why not spoil yourself a little and just enjoy life to the fullest?

Make a wish and keep trying hard for another awesome year ahead

Christmas is coming. Go out to feel the festive atmosphere. Grab some gorgeous presents. Decorate your house. And be ready for a New Year with better things to look forward to.

Share with us what is your perfect gifts in this Christmas.

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