January 18, 2019

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

As women in the workplace, we need to present ourselves as professional, respectable and powerful. Appearances do matter, whether you like it or not. So, let’s dig into these styling tips to help you ace your look at work.

Rule 1: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

This is the universal rule for business styling: never overdress. You need to keep your look simple and neat.

If you love bold colors, use 1 bold color and keep everything else as basic as possible, including your jewelry. For example, if orange is your color, feel free to wear it. But mix it with plain and less vibrant colors like black (or white), with a little touch of small and elegant jewelry.

Small and elegant rings can add a refined touch to your business style

Multiple pieces but in simple and basic color - black

Rule 2: Avoid being too trendy

Admit it, not all fashion trends are socially accepted, not to mention at the workplace.

Trendy clothing can be eye-candy but only fits a catwalk or a party. You don’t want a fancy and somewhat crazy-looking dress in your workplace, do you? Catching up with the latest trend is good, but you need to be selective about what trend you should wear at work. Remember rule 1, keep it neat and simple.

These outfits look best in a photo shoot, not your workplace

Rule 3: Pay attention to your makeup

Makeup does wonder to our looks - no one can deny that. But overdo your makeup can be a real deal disaster.

There is no appropriate makeup for work. But you can choose any makeup style that best fits with your working environment and you. You love bold lip color? Just go with whatever your heart says! But remember to match it with plain makeup.

A deep red lip with thin eyeliner, nude tone makeup is the perfect combination of you love vibrant lip color.

This makeup style can bring you the powerful look you desire

Rule 4: Invest in quality pieces

Quantity can never beat quality. No matter how many pieces you have in your wardrobe, what matters is how many quality pieces you own.

It is not necessary to change your clothing daily. Invest in one quality, branded piece which you can wear from years to come. This is also a well-known smart way to invest money in your work wardrobe.

Make smart investments in your wardrobe 

Try to avoid cheap clothing. We all know you can have more outfits if you buy cheap pieces. But we get what we paid for. Cheap pieces cannot bring you a powerful and confidence look you need at the workplace.

Rule 5: Be authentic!

The last 4 rules are made to help you to have a more professional look at work. They are basic guidelines for you to follow in order to boost your confidence.

If you are an elegant lady, feel free to pick a refined piece of jewelry to match with your business style

But, remember, following the rules doesn’t mean to lose your authentic self.  Whatever you do, put a grain of you into it. You love vibrant colors, wear it. You love shiny jewelry, wear it. You love trendy clothing, wear it.

Do you love cute and dreamy style? Don't hesitate to wear a lovely one

Dress with confidence and work your way to success. Business style can be your special armor in this every battle. Share with us a business style you love in the comment section below.

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