April 11, 2018

For a country with centuries of history and cultural prosperity like China, symbolism undoubtedly holds a high position in the spiritual lives of people across Asia and around the globe. Among the vast meanings of symbols, perhaps fortune and good luck matter a lot to many people.

So here you are: The best of Chinese Lucky Symbols.

The Three Stars: Fu Lu Shou

One of the most common symbolisms in the East is Fu Lu Shou. They are the three deities in heaven, each representing Happiness, Prosperity, and Longevity.

  • Fu (福) means good luck, fortune, blessings and happiness. 
  • Lu (禄) means good wishes, prosperity and career success.
  • Finally, Shou (寿) means a long life.

Although Fu Lu Shou has its root from Chinese culture, it has become universal as its meaning resonates with most people's wish: a long life filled with happiness and money.

A Lu Charm Bracelet

Numbers: 6, 8 ,9

The most fortunate numbers in Chinese beliefs are 6, 8, 9 due to their pronunciation associated with other meanings.

Number Six, pronounced as 'Liu', conveys indirectly its homophony's meaning – Do everything smoothly.

Number Eight has always been the most favored number in China. Its pronunciation - 'Ba' - is similar to the word 'Fa' (wealth and fortune).

A Gorgeous Bracelet made from Eight Strands

Likewise, number Nine pronounced as 'Jiu' means everlasting, longevity and eternity.

Colors: Red & Yellow

Red is also the national color representing happiness, beauty, vitality, good luck, success and good fortune. It is widely used during festivals and important events like weddings. A red rope is also able to bring luck and protection to its owner.

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Yellow is an imperial color representing power, royalty and prosperity in traditional Chinese color symbolism. These days, clothing and objects that are yellow in color still resemble a higher social status.

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Bells (钟 - zhōng) play a vital role in Chinese culture, religion and the way of life. In Buddhism, the sound of the bells conveys the feeling of sublimity, benevolence and auspices.

Bell is also a sign of luck, as its pronunciation zhōng means ‘succeed or win’.

A red knot bracelet with a silver bell


The coin (钱 - qián) is often carried as a lucky charm symbolizing wealth and prosperity for Easterners.

The homophone 迁 qiān means ‘promote; advance’ so it can also represent a wish for advancement - a successful and satisfying career.

A Multi Coin Lucky Red Rope


Sounding the same as 运 yùn ‘luck, fortune, fate’, couds are considered lucky and so feature heavily in Chinese pictures and symbolism. Being a fusion of the elements of water and air, sky and earth, clouds are considered the union of yin and yang.

This bracelet with a shining silver cloud 

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