Ghanta Holy Bell Bracelet

Part of our profits will go to the Mountainous Underprivileged Students Fund.
For every item purchased, you will help a Vietnamese child get nutritious school meals for one week.

  • If you're seeking peace of mind and contemplation, this Tibetan bracelet is a must-have.

    This item features the Ghanta bell - a sacred ritual tool for Tibetan Buddhists. It soothes your soul with the voice of the Buddha and finely represents feminine power and wisdom.

    On the rustic coconut beads, the holy Six True Words (Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum) are beautifully integrated. Carrying all the teachings of Buddha, this mantra can help you relieve negative karma and take a step ahead in escaping human's suffering.

    • Material: Coconut wood, Alloy
    • Length: 16.5 - 26 cm